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Pet Market of Galiff Street

On a Sunday morning ,when half of the city is still dwelling in their fragmentary midnight dreams,the other half of the population can be found amidst the cacophony of the Galiff street's pet market.
 Situated in the Northern part of the city just 5 mins away from the Shyambazar five point crossing, this place bustle with all the energy of all enthusiast who love pets.
This is the oldest pet market of Kolkata.

The alley becomes the pet lover's paradise  where the hobbyists  from almost all corners of Kolkata connect, some to sell and some to buy love... the pets and plants.

This 'Haat' on Sunday is also known as 'Shoker Haat' as this market captivate those who adore nature. For here the hobbyists find huge variety of rare species of dogs, fishes, rabbits . birds , aquatic mammals, plans, flowers and also different abode to keep them safe.

Earlier during the British era this market was set up in the Hatibagan area but as the size of the market grew and peo…


And then he left. Took the morning flight, Never to look back again To that place where they fell for each other. Maybe ,for a while!
And then in the middle of the night, The stars were all shining in the  winter sky When they thought it was a sign!! Of happiness... Of togetherness.
But in the morning light She saw in his eyes That distant look.
He did not kiss her hand like the other day, He was not ready to receive either.
And then on that evening The fear of not seeing him again, Died forever!! 

Love, A