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Sunset Story-- Part 1

Every sunset tell tales of the passing day....
Some stories end ....some are forever!!

Sky full of fire...

Fire in the sky hiding the stars behind.. Lights up the mind
Flying up with a flash and Comes back Turning to ash
Still it brighten the night Fading the darkness!

And The Road Said..

Morning broke with a news of parting,
It was never easy to let the love set forth.
Restraining was never an option..
Holding upon letting go!!

Its gonna be a long road,
Before we meet again.
I asked him "What if you get lost?"
He didn't say a thing!

Road said to me "Come along..You need to find a way"
It said there is a new route at the end, not far-away.
You will find him there once you reach...

Surmounting all my fears I took the road
And then at the bent,
I found me.
Love  A

Mountain Love...

They ask me why I go to the mountains?What is the point hiking when you can have a comfortable life!?
I tell them its my mountain love... No other love can be as pure as this one.The point of no sorrow , only sheer joy is what you get loving the mountains.
We all work and have fun, eat and sleep but do we really live?
Life is simple and it is meant for living. I live it when i am close to the mountains for there it is simple and no complexities can touch our core.
If the mountains loves you back he allows you to stay, give you company and ask you to come back again and again.
If he doesn't like you he will simply tell you to go back.
He will never play games with you or break you from within.
Mountains uplift my spirit and answers all my questions...
When I asked him once that don't you feel lonely sometime?
Mountain said to me to look inside and he smiled. He knew he was not alone... I have him inside!

Predatory Gleam!!!

The one that protect kills us too!!
What do you think!!?

Face Beneath..

Oh! what dismal it seems ,
Maybe I am still in a dream!

For I see eyes with lost vision,
They meander and cannot afford to be complacent.
What chases them through time and space?

Wandering amidst the maze, seems I am lost..
And what i found rather is what i thought!

The clay mask fell apart revealing the face within.
The wretched haze covered the way,
Raucous youth all around..
They are all searching for answer  and dawdle..
The path will take them down to the abyss!

For they seek them all outside and not within..

Faces all round got wrapped in veil again,
Duality in existence stand gloriously in the mile long chasm!
Face full of deception welcomed us all!!

I know its a very long night..
And no one to wake me up from the dream.

Faces beneath the mask only reveals on waking up!!

Sunset Sunrise

Up there is the gloomy sky..
The darkness prevails like closed eyes!
Here waiting for the sun to show millions opens up their eyes.
Sun went down again and the day is done!
Hope remain undaunted but there is despair..
Holding hands the journey begins
And waiting for the new sun to rise in the sky,
Some waits for the loverly glee!

Yet some feels happy when the day is done
Returning back home is what they want..

Sunrise brings new trust that might last till sunset!!!


Indian Museum

Kolkata'16 is how I see Kolkata in 2016.

This city which I call as "My City" due to the narcissistic tendencies ,have evolved with me or rather I evolved with this City as I have grown with it.

And so today I will share some memories of my Museum Day when I visited the Indian Museum standing mightily since 1814.

It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal and possess rare collections of antiques, fossils, archeological excavations, skeleton , paintings by the Mughals, coins and the Mummies which needs a special mention cause that intrigued my the most ;)

Chicken Lasagne: Easy and Quick Recipe!!

Hello All,

Today I am going to share with you one of my all time favourite dinner recipe. Lasagne is one such food which is quick and easy to make. Although Lasagne taste amazing when accompanied by beef  but I used chicken here which is readily available in my kitchen :)

Here it goes....

Walking Out Of The Shell..

The purpose of our lives is to be happy-- Dalai Lama
I have always lived a life where I was surrounded by people who cared for me. Always protected me from all calamities.. 
Who doesn't want a life like that?
We all want to be pampered and cared for... 
But is this what I really want!!?
When someone asked me about the story behind this picture which I took during my recent trip to the beaches. I instantly replied that the girl is looking at the shell that she leaves behind and then she walked toward the sea ...huge and unpredictable it is... But she decided to take a plunge into it!! Walking out of the shell...That is what she wanted to do...This is what I want to do.
When I first ran 13.1 miles I never doubted myself. I was left with only one choice that time, which is to finish it.  I have always loved mountains but never thought I will go rock climbing and trekking but now that is what I want to do. When I first jumped from 160 mts I felt that was the thing I always wanted to do. 
To Wal…

CTM with Kiehl's Blue Herbal Range- For Oily/Very Oily and Acne Prone Skin!!

Hello Beautiful,

Who does not want a clear problem free skin? We all does... But for people like me who is having a very oily skin it is almost impossible to have a problem free skin. The oil in our skin attract dust which clog our pores and hence give rise to acnes. Moreover it gives us the unwanted shine on our face because the sebaceous gland  which produce oil are more concentrated on the face.
Therefore it is absolutely essential to clean out skin and follow the Cleansing , Toning and Moisturising routine religiously. 
But sometimes most of the cleansers and moisturisers fails to give the desired result. Atleast it never worked for me until I found the Blue Herbal Range of products from Kiehl's. 

MASQUINTENSE by Kérastase || A Hair Mask For Thick and Rebellious Hair--Review!

When it comes to hair I sometime like splurging on the luxurious Salon products. Kérastase is one such brand and I am completely in love with their hair mask. 
I am using their line of hair mask for a year now and there is no looking back. They are perfect for the wavy and dry hair which I have. Specially for the coloured hair which even get drier  with times.

Triveni Meet and Saree Draping Workshop by Dolly Jain---Review

Hello Beautiful,

When it comes to Saree there is nothing that could disgrace the Dignity, Identity and Gracefulness of a it. And this is the motto that Triveni Ethnic follows.

Although Triveni Ethnics  does not deal with Sarees alone, this online store provides a huge range of Ethnic wears and also jewellery  that complements their attire. But on 7th of February at the Oxford Book store in Parkstreet, Kolkata they organized a  Triveni Meet where they only focused on their most loved section of ethnic attire which are Sarees.
They also arranged a beautiful workshop with Ms. Dolly Jain the Saree Draper who amazed us with the easy techniques of draping perfectly.
In this ethnic wear meet the bloggers from Kolkata and other saree enthusiast were invited and together we all had a fun filled and an interesting workshop with Ms. Dolly Jain. The doubts about draping the saree in a correct way were all answered.

Triveni Ethnics are based out of Surat but have 100 wholesalers all around the co…

Flash:A Feminine Fragrance By Jimmy Choo---Review!!!

When it comes to Jimmy Choo, the only thing that pops up in our mind is their exotic collection of designer shoes. But they too have their line of fragrance and Flash being one of them made me choose it instantly out of impulse.

And here is what I think about the perfume.