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Oh So Hot!!Baked Eye Shadow ~~Smoke Screen~~ From MUA

I have always set my cap at this product and it is here now!!!!

MUA Baked Trio eye shadow in Smoke Screen is my new found love :)

Its Not Just A Ginger!!!!

One of the most important spice that we can find in our Indian kitchen is Ginger... But it is not just a taste enhancer but also enhances your beauty!!

French Fries and A Twist!!!

French Fries rather aloo bhaja reminds me of my school days when I used to munch on them with gusto every Saturday afternoon after returning early from school. My grandma used to make them for me and it was the tastiest of all I had until now :)

Bath and Shower oil from Forest Essential ~Masobra Honey and Vanilla ~ Review

When winter approaches shower oils are the best saviour of our skin. They condition the skin and locks in the moisture.

My latest pick Masobra Honey and Vanilla shower oil from Forest Essential does it all which my skin desire for!!!

The Weekend Skincare Haul!!!!

I have recently finished up my moisturiser from Kiehl's and hence thought of getting another form the same brand.... But I was little confused between getting Kiehl's Blue herbal Moisturiser and The Body Shop's Tea Tree skin clearing lotion. I went for the latter, and this got converted in to a skincare haul!!!

Moong Dal Ka Laddu~~ Ganesh Chaturthi Special!!!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everyone!!!

Here I come with another recipe on the eve of Ganesh Puja...
Moong dal(green gram lentils) are rich in proteins and when they are made into laddus they form the tastiest sweet ever.
This is another quick and easy recipe which you can try making during any puja specially during Diwali!!!

DIY :Hot oil massage for lustrous mane!!!

A beautiful,healthy  and lustrous mane is the dream of every woman. 
The benefit of doing a hot oil massage is known to all. Even in the Aryurvedas the importance of oil massage is mentioned extensively.

~~Egg Halwa:Recipe For The Dessert lovers~~

Here comes the season of festivities and for food lovers like me no meal is complete without something sweet in the last course…. Keeping in mind the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement where they say “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye!!!” here i begin.

Wondering why Egg Halwa ??!! Well to answer that I must say that egg is one such thing which can be used to make a versatile amount of dishes... be it spicy or sugary….:D

Reviewing the Tea Tree Face Mask From The Body Shop!!!

Hello Beautiful!!!

Today I will review the Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop...

Tea Tree is known for its powerful antibacterial properties which heals and protect acne-prone skin by fighting the bacteria which causes skin problems. 
Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil which comes from The Kenya Organic Oil Farmers.It is the purest form of Tea Tree oil which is gently stem-distilled to maintain a good quality.

How Infallible is the New L'oreal Infallible 24hrs Stay Fresh Foundation?!!!

I am not a foundation person and since I have a very oily skin , I don't even have the liability to use any product on my skin.

I never had any plan to buy this product but still i ended up buying this last week just to try this Infallible range of products..
I watched videos of L'oreal Infallible 24Hr Pro-Matte foundation and was pretty impressed with its performance, but unfortunately that is not available in Kolkata.. maybe i need to search a little more.  Basically i had that product in mind when i bought this 24 Hr Stay Fresh foundation.
Foundation Vis-a-Vis: The most important thing you need to focus on while choosing your foundation is "The Shade". Mostly foundation from other brands have shades with pink undertone. And for me its little difficult to find my perfect shade cause mine is little yellowish.  This Infallible range of foundation have yellowish undertone and the shade 235 suited me well... had the SA wouldn't have insisted me ,i would have taken …

Exfoliate with Deep Micro Exfoliating Scalp Treatment from Kiehl's!!!!

Keep it clean!! That's the word i can think of when i discovered this wonder product from Kiehl's.

Its called the Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment... I don't really know why i cannot find any review about this product but this is one such product which made a remarkable difference to my scalp health. 

How it works? : This product contains fine granules of micronized  Apricot Seeds and Argan Shells which helps in exfoliating the scalp and loosen flakes. It gives you a clean feeling and makes your hair ready for shampooing. It also contain Vitreoscilla Ferments which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals, this maintain a healthy balance of the scalp and makes hair soft(although it dosen't claim this, but i have seen the effect after using the product).