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You and Me

Like sacred fire it will glow In my heart ,in yours. Those dark blurry lines will be clear It will rise like an Inferno and Everything will get charred And will be more sacred like a soul With knowledge of its past. The grotesque mask will fall Everything will look beguiling 
You and me Will be US.
Love, A

Dalia Delight: A recipe for a healthy start!!

Dalia or Porridge is mainly considered as a breakfast option for many health conscious urbarnites all around the globe. For it is rich in fiber and helps in reducing high blood pressure along with many other benefits of improving digestion, reduce cholesterol  and also helps in reducing weight.
Porridge is a rich source of dietary fibers, protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin E and phytochemicals. This package of essential nutrients can help boost your immune system and fight infection.
But you must be wondering how dreadful it would be when a bowl full of brown tasteless lumps get served right in the morning for breakfast!!!
Hence I have this easy and tasty recipe for you which will make the Dalia journey of your pleasurable.
Cooking time: 15 mins Preparation time: 10 mins. Feeds: 2 people
To make this Delight loaded with veggies you will need: ØDalia- 100 gms ØSweet corn- 50gms ØBroccoli – 20gms ØCauliflower -20gms ØGarlic paste-1 tablespoon ØTomatos-2 ØGinger Paste -1/…


She,the queen! Wings were spread.. She was meant to fly.. But her feet were chained To the quarters she belong
Waiting for the day to come When I see her up.. High up in the sky!!
Will she fly like a bird or  Just be a Star?
Love, A