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The Near Far

Around a point fixed Near and Far they move. We measure the distance, Gather all that proves, What is far and how much they have moved. We can see the far but the near stays out of sight. And we never use our senses, We feel close to sun's beaming light. Forgetting that its unreachable.
But the one which we cannot see One that we cannot perceive. Are not very far  Even though it seems.


As the dawn breaks on your face.. I see the golden light touching your visage.
You smile demurely! Talking to me about the new journeys you just made.
We talk for hours sitting side by side
I never look at you!
But I can still see your eyes
Over those black frames.
And I see a distant dream Sparkling with joy
Upon the blurry edge of the horizon
  Dazzling and  bright.
I see flashes of many more things
But I remember them not!
As I remember those long conversations with you..
You once told me about the amusement park you visited
And you told me about your friends.
You told me about the foes..
Also we talk about those who know us both,
You tell me what you like about them.
It's 6o'clock in the morning. My alarm rings…
Like other days ,I do all my chores.
It tires me up mostly!!
These are long days..
And pointless too.
I eagerly wait to see you
To hear from you again.. I wait patiently for the day to end.
And then when it's night.
After I fall asleep!!!
I find myself awake…

By the sea shore....

The depth of the sea The crashing waves The ebb and the flow The wildness of the breeze The melody of the sea The moonlit night The beam of light On the water.. The reflection of your soul The deep of your mind The voices inside The spark in your eyes The memories behind The sound that says.. Life is not constant!!
Love , A

I must be gone....

There I saw you standing, At the corner of the Drowning street... The distance was huge between us Coldness all over our face. The greys in your hair told me.. Its been a long time now!
I saw you today. Our eyes met for a while. And then the fog grew dense  You strayed elsewhere...
The unspoken was heard in the bristling wind.... Echoes of the distant time came back..
The coldness grew dense and  I walked away. Traveled the unmeasured distance.
love, A


The sun hides behind the cloud
Dark and Cold it was that morning
And no room for hope
But still somewhere in the corner
Of my heart I saw a gleaming light
Was it real..
Or reflection of
The self!?
For we see nothing but reflections.
And then the gushing wind blew through the valley
Unveiling the old and ancient.
Standing mightily in front.
Our eyes glistered!
The magnificent stood straight
Unaltered by any emotion.

8th March....

"No I do not want to be equal to men", said the lady friend.
And I agreed.
When everyone is talking about Feminism and on having equal rights and opportunities, I do not feel that I am equal to man rather I feel superior and so I am not a feminist.  We make our way through all possible hurdles. Our life starts with a struggle and ends too. And we fight hard, win it all and embrace them all. From managing a ticket in a crowded movie hall to not getting fined for taking a one-way road. yes, we the women know how to wear a smile on our face and innocence in our eyes to sneak through them. That's how we drive the men mad at us for they get caught, punished and their plea get unheard most of the time. We have those super qualities of multitasking which our men cannot. Even on genetic level men have two chromosomes and with their X and Y together they fumble and wonder what to do until a woman guide them through :D We are vulnerable yet we are strong and so we can adapt our s…

I Accept.... Do I ??



So far , yet so close Dancing along the water, feet on the shore, You rise along the tide And plunge with a roar You know not where it takes you You know nothing about grasping the  oar.
Flow with the life  Flow in the wave Dancing to the shell-songs, She take rainbow in one hand  And the other hand raved.


You and Me

Like sacred fire it will glow In my heart ,in yours. Those dark blurry lines will be clear It will rise like an Inferno and Everything will get charred And will be more sacred like a soul With knowledge of its past. The grotesque mask will fall Everything will look beguiling 
You and me Will be US.
Love, A

Dalia Delight: A recipe for a healthy start!!

Dalia or Porridge is mainly considered as a breakfast option for many health conscious urbarnites all around the globe. For it is rich in fiber and helps in reducing high blood pressure along with many other benefits of improving digestion, reduce cholesterol  and also helps in reducing weight.
Porridge is a rich source of dietary fibers, protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin E and phytochemicals. This package of essential nutrients can help boost your immune system and fight infection.
But you must be wondering how dreadful it would be when a bowl full of brown tasteless lumps get served right in the morning for breakfast!!!
Hence I have this easy and tasty recipe for you which will make the Dalia journey of your pleasurable.
Cooking time: 15 mins Preparation time: 10 mins. Feeds: 2 people
To make this Delight loaded with veggies you will need: ØDalia- 100 gms ØSweet corn- 50gms ØBroccoli – 20gms ØCauliflower -20gms ØGarlic paste-1 tablespoon ØTomatos-2 ØGinger Paste -1/…


She,the queen! Wings were spread.. She was meant to fly.. But her feet were chained To the quarters she belong
Waiting for the day to come When I see her up.. High up in the sky!!
Will she fly like a bird or  Just be a Star?
Love, A

Pet Market of Galiff Street

On a Sunday morning ,when half of the city is still dwelling in their fragmentary midnight dreams,the other half of the population can be found amidst the cacophony of the Galiff street's pet market.
 Situated in the Northern part of the city just 5 mins away from the Shyambazar five point crossing, this place bustle with all the energy of all enthusiast who love pets.
This is the oldest pet market of Kolkata.

The alley becomes the pet lover's paradise  where the hobbyists  from almost all corners of Kolkata connect, some to sell and some to buy love... the pets and plants.

This 'Haat' on Sunday is also known as 'Shoker Haat' as this market captivate those who adore nature. For here the hobbyists find huge variety of rare species of dogs, fishes, rabbits . birds , aquatic mammals, plans, flowers and also different abode to keep them safe.

Earlier during the British era this market was set up in the Hatibagan area but as the size of the market grew and peo…