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Baked Rasgulla : Yet Another Recipe For The Dessert Lovers!!!

This post is dedicated to Ms. P who compelled me to blog about it!!!

Hope this recipe will gratify her for she is going to try making this dessert tomorrow :)

Baked Rasgulla is one of my dad's favourite and I like making it for him as it is very easy and could be prepared in a jiffy.

Perfume Shopping and Freebies~~Lady Million from Paco Rabanne~~!!!

Hello Beautiful...
The mid week yearn for shopping made me shop for the fragrance from Paco Rabanne....Yes it is the Lady Million the womanised  version of 1 Million from the same brand. 

From My Travel Diary: Gorkhey - Srikhola - Darjeeling

~~I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred nightAnd I think to myself what a wonderful world~~ Louis Armstrong singing in the background and we sang it along with him in Joey's with all other guests in house!!!!

Here I am back from the trip,with memories which will be etched in my memory lane for ever.

 I am here to tell you all about it ;-)

It was a mini trek followed by  lots of fun and yes Darjeeling, the place where I always wanted to go , and this time we made it!!

The sweetest memories slowly took its form, memories which i could cherish for my entire life....