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From My Travel Diary: Gorkhey - Srikhola - Darjeeling

~~I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world~~
Louis Armstrong singing in the background and we sang it along with him in Joey's with all other guests in house!!!!

Here I am back from the trip,with memories which will be etched in my memory lane for ever.

 I am here to tell you all about it ;-)

It was a mini trek followed by  lots of fun and yes Darjeeling, the place where I always wanted to go , and this time we made it!!

From Baren to Gorkhey!!!
The sweetest memories slowly took its form, memories which i could cherish for my entire life....

The journey started from Baren and we were destined for Gorkhey. Its a 6 Kms walk amidst the jungle. I was so enthralled by the surrounding that i hardly noticed the muddied path and soiled my boot completely but "Its all right "... I was carried away by the serenity of the jungle and the road we took...

We stayed at Eden Lodge at Gorkhey and under the starry night Gorkhey was beaming with beauty....

Gorkhey Morning!!!

Gorkhey :)

The morning at Gorkhey where we had egg noodles and black tea. It was the place we never wanted to leave but then we moved on to our next destination , Srikhola.

On our way to Srikhola

It was a 19Kms Trek and we took 5 hrs to complete it. We crossed Samanden which is a small village. Udin,who was our porter told us about how Gorkhey and Samanden quarrel over the football matches which is played in the school playground of Samanden. 

We crossed Raman which is a picturesque village... We stopped by this place to have another round of black tea and soupy noodles which Udin made for us...


Tea for four of us @ Raman

It was around 4P.M. and down there is Srikhola,Where we stayed the night at Goparma Hotel.

And here I met Fluffy who welcomed us with its wagging tail and a smile on its face...

Wildest Beauty!!!Now I know what it means :-)


Next day morning we walked till Rimbik from where we took a car to Darjeeling..

Revolver...The best place to stay in Darjeeling. I bet nothing could beat the warmth and cosiness of this place. Its a Beatles themed hotel with excellent ambience and decor...

Carpe Diem i.e.  Enjoy The Moment.... This is what it says when you enter Revolver's lobby!!! And that is exactly what we did at Darjeeling...

We enjoyed every moment of our stay here.

Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill!!

We meet to part and we part to meet again!!!!

 I bid you adieu my Darjeeling with a promise to come back soon ;-)

Photo Courtesy: Mr S, Mr R, Ms N and to myself :)

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