MASQUINTENSE by Kérastase || A Hair Mask For Thick and Rebellious Hair--Review!

When it comes to hair I sometime like splurging on the luxurious Salon products. Kérastase is one such brand and I am completely in love with their hair mask. 


I am using their line of hair mask for a year now and there is no looking back. They are perfect for the wavy and dry hair which I have. Specially for the coloured hair which even get drier  with times. 

How it works for me?

I have tried different hair mask before. But they do nothing other than giving a limped up look to the hair. They also made my hair appear greasy the very next day of shampooing. But Masquintense from Kérastase works like wonder for my hair. 

It give the right amount of softness and shine to my coloured hair and control fizz. I almost experience no hairfall with this mask and tell me who does not  want that!!! ???

I have tried other home made mask with banana and eggs.. Yes they are definitely good for the hair but Hey!! What about the SMELL :-P It is also time consuming and you need to have a lot of patience to see the magic to happen.

Masquintense belongs to the Nutritive range of  Kérastase products which are formulated for thick and dry/very dry hair.
It is needed in a very little quantity. It imparts a gentle fragrance to the hair. Also make the hair smooth and prevent breakage of hair.

Also the trick of applying a mask is to concentrate on the end of the hair and never of the scalp. And this works for me too. So No Split-Ends and No Fizziness.

Yes they have Paraben!!  Not for the one who loves it without Sulphates and Parabens.
I do not find Sulphate and Paraben free mask working for my hair so I have stick to this one. 
I am impressed to find that they have used Iris Florentina Root Extract which is known for its moisturising properties and they are extensively used in most of the anti-ageing products.

Price: 200ml for Rs.2900 

  • They are mainly available in the Kérastase salons and online so finding them handy can be a challenge.
  • The chemicals in it mainly paraben is one of the con of this product(Definitely not for me)
  • Overpriced 

Overall: 4.5/5 cause this product have hit all the chords right :)

Have you ever used any product from Kérastase? Let me know how it felt...



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