CTM with Kiehl's Blue Herbal Range- For Oily/Very Oily and Acne Prone Skin!!

Hello Beautiful,

Who does not want a clear problem free skin? We all does... But for people like me who is having a very oily skin it is almost impossible to have a problem free skin. The oil in our skin attract dust which clog our pores and hence give rise to acnes. Moreover it gives us the unwanted shine on our face because the sebaceous gland  which produce oil are more concentrated on the face.

Therefore it is absolutely essential to clean out skin and follow the Cleansing , Toning and Moisturising routine religiously. 

But sometimes most of the cleansers and moisturisers fails to give the desired result. Atleast it never worked for me until I found the Blue Herbal Range of products from Kiehl's. 

CTM with Kiehl's Blue Herbal Range Of Products
It is always too less when I talk about Kiel's products. They have won my heart

I cannot express I beautifully and effectively it worked for me. Before this I have used the Tree tree range from The Body Shop. They did work on my acnes by controlling them but my skin was always super oily and hence I used to experience frequent breakouts. I have also consulted doctors but still never got the desired result.

Keihl's then came in and did the magic. I am using their products for over an year now and never had a single complain about it.

Today I will review their Gel Cleanser , the products which worked like miracle for my skin and became a part of my essentials.

The Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser... The prime step of any CTM routine begins with a cleanser. The things you should look out  for in your cleanser is that it should not be very drying and harsh on your skin. It should gently remove the oil and dust and unclog your pores.

This Gel cleanser does exactly what is expected of it. Also it contains the Salicylic Acid which the key product and we all know how good salicylic acid is for Acne.

It is needed in a very little quantity and really last a very long time. It has a gentle yet refreshing fragrance of cinnamon barks and ginger roots which are other active ingredients used in this cleanser.

The ginger root extracts helps in removing excessive oil from the skin while the ginger bark extract is known for its antibacterial properties.

The Ingredient List
Why I love this cleanser?

The cleanser instantly refreshes my skin and it contain 90% herbal ingredients, hence is not overloaded with chemicals unlike most anti acne products available in the drug store.

It does not cause feeling of skin and makes skin feel soft after the use.

But yes it does not foam a lot and hence it will not remove makeup completely. Hence it is advice able to use a makeup remover before and wipe the makeup off the face before cleansing.

I will never recommend this product for people with normal yet blemish prone skins for it will dry out their face a bit. 

Overall: I am completely in love with this cleanser and really satisfied with its result.

Price: Rs.1490 for 250( Believe me!! It worth every penny :-D )

I will repurchase this cleanser again and again until i could find a replacement for it for I have never been so happy with any other products before.

If you have every tried this product, I am sure you will agree with me too.

What do you think :-) ??



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