How Infallible is the New L'oreal Infallible 24hrs Stay Fresh Foundation?!!!

 L'oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation :Shade 235 Miel Honey

I am not a foundation person and since I have a very oily skin , I don't even have the liability to use any product on my skin.

I never had any plan to buy this product but still i ended up buying this last week just to try this Infallible range of products..

I watched videos of L'oreal Infallible 24Hr Pro-Matte foundation and was pretty impressed with its performance, but unfortunately that is not available in Kolkata.. maybe i need to search a little more. 
Basically i had that product in mind when i bought this 24 Hr Stay Fresh foundation.

Foundation Vis-a-Vis: The most important thing you need to focus on while choosing your foundation is "The Shade". Mostly foundation from other brands have shades with pink undertone. And for me its little difficult to find my perfect shade cause mine is little yellowish. 
This Infallible range of foundation have yellowish undertone and the shade 235 suited me well... had the SA wouldn't have insisted me ,i would have taken a shade darker than this.

This is the amount which I use

But the question is How INFALLIBLE this foundation is?  

Well, to answer this i used this foundation for the entire week and this is what i found:

1)The foundation gives you a smooth finish once you apply it over the face.

2)The glow which you get from using this foundation stays undiminished for the entire day.

3)The coverage is also pretty good. It gives you a medium coverage and also hide open pores and blemishes ,although not very perfectly.

4)I will give it one rosy point since i had not break outs after using this, which i generally get on using foundations.

5)It even contain SFP 18 which is quite essential for a foundation to have.


1)It is a bit heavy texture wise and hence not appropriate for daily use, specially in Kolkata where its very humid during summer.

2)It does not stay as fresh as you have applied it for the first time. Although it claims to stay fresh for 24 hours but on my skin it becomes patchy after 5-6 hrs, Maybe it will not show the same effect on normal to dry skin type. 

What it claims!!!

Packaging: It comes in a transparent glass bottle. Its a pump bottle which is cool about the product and quite hygienic also. This bottle have a plastic cap which is not very sturdy and I am scared i might break it.

Money-Wise: 30 ml for Rs.1325.00 is quite reasonable for it is needed in a little quantity for a good coverage.  

I might repurchase it but not in near future... I might just take years for me to finish this bottle.!!!

See you soon!!



  1. I think it will work for me as I do not have to use concealer for everyday basis for going out and with SPF it will work as a sun protector!!!I think I will go with this once I finish my colorbar timeless foundation..:-)

    1. Yeah!! Go for it and let me know how it worked for you.. :)

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