DIY :Hot oil massage for lustrous mane!!!

A beautiful,healthy  and lustrous mane is the dream of every woman. 
The benefit of doing a hot oil massage is known to all. Even in the Aryurvedas the importance of oil massage is mentioned extensively.   

For me, the hot oil massage is not just for beautifying my hair but it also acts as a stress buster since it helps in blood circulation and as I mix essential oils it gives a very soothing effect and relaxes my nervous system :)

Hence today I will share with you my my little oil massage ritual!!! 

Here is what I use for the massage :

Ingredients for Oil Massage!!!

Kama Ayurveda's Bringadi Intense Hair Treatment: This hair oil helps in making hair soft and also known for darkening hair. I also contains anti-fungal properties and helps prevent dandruff and hair fall. I am in love with this product as it gives a shine to my hair and makes it soft after shampooing.
This oil is available online here or you can buy this from Quest Mall in Kolkata where Kama Ayurveda have opened its stand alone shop.
You get 100 ml of this product for Rs.450.

Essential oils from Aroma Magic: I use Flaky oil for its anti-dandruff property special when winter approaches.Then there is a Lavender oil which is an anti depressant oil and relaxes the olfactory nerves and gives you a very good feeling when you apply. I also used Sandalwood essential oils for it promotes hair growth.

You can buy these essential oils from here :) Also check for other essential oils which would suit your needs.

Castor Oil from Aroma Magic: This is a vegetable oil which is known to make hair thick and also reverse hair loss. It also condition the hair and as the oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega 6 and 9 it is highly beneficial for hair.

What next?

I mix all these oils together and heat them for 2-5 mins by placing it over boiling water. Then with my finger tips i massage gently on my hair. After that I put hot towel and wrap my head.... You can keep this oil for over night and use the hot towel later next day before washing your hair. But I generally keep it for an hour and wash it off.

I love the softness and shine it gives to my hair and i experience minimal hair loss while shampooing..Isn't that sounds great.!!?

What are you waiting for?? Do try this out and share your experience with me....

Tips:One thing i would like to share is never use your palm while massaging oil on your hair as it can break your hair and make the hair shaft weak. Always use finger tips to massage your scalp.

Have a happy hair day!!!



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