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Bath and Shower oil from Forest Essential ~Masobra Honey and Vanilla ~ Review

When winter approaches shower oils are the best saviour of our skin. They condition the skin and locks in the moisture.

My latest pick Masobra Honey and Vanilla shower oil from Forest Essential does it all which my skin desire for!!!

This oils is  made of  light water soluble oil blend which the website claims and it is really light and get absorbed quickly when applied on a wet skin just after shower.

Considering my skin type for my body which is extremely dry during winter this oil will suit me the best. It hydrates my skin and since I have to spend the entire day in an air conditioned atmosphere the oil also protects my skin from getting dry and hence my skin looks healthy.

I also love the light fragrance which it leaves behind. 

Here is the Key-ingredient list:

The one thing which i don't like about Forest Essential is that they only provide the Key Ingredient list and not the entire list.

But they claims in their website that their products are free from sulphates, parabens,artificial colors, artificial fragrance, GMO and petroleum. 

Since this is a natural product and free from harmful chemicals , I will make this a part of my daily bathing ritual.

I am also planning to try the other shower oils from FE before buying the full size products. They have travel size shower oils which makes it quite fun for skin care addicts to plunge in and explore the different range of products. 

Price: Rs. 475 for 50 ml and Rs. 1475 for 200ml.

You can find Forest Essential products in the Forum Mall, Kolkata. You can also buy it online from here.

Awareness :Mashobra is part of Shimla Reserve Forest sanctuary and catchment area.

Have you tried any shower oil? Let me know how it worked for you!!!! :)

Love ,

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