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Triveni Meet and Saree Draping Workshop by Dolly Jain---Review

Hello Beautiful,

When it comes to Saree there is nothing that could disgrace the Dignity, Identity and Gracefulness of a it. And this is the motto that Triveni Ethnic follows.

Although Triveni Ethnics  does not deal with Sarees alone, this online store provides a huge range of Ethnic wears and also jewellery  that complements their attire. But on 7th of February at the Oxford Book store in Parkstreet, Kolkata they organized a  Triveni Meet where they only focused on their most loved section of ethnic attire which are Sarees.
They also arranged a beautiful workshop with Ms. Dolly Jain the Saree Draper who amazed us with the easy techniques of draping perfectly.

In this ethnic wear meet the bloggers from Kolkata and other saree enthusiast were invited and together we all had a fun filled and an interesting workshop with Ms. Dolly Jain. The doubts about draping the saree in a correct way were all answered.

Triveni Ethnics are based out of Surat but have 100 wholesalers all around the country which is function since 1985 in a shop-in-shop counters which Triveni Salesperson operates.

But the e-Commerce with their website they have reached a wider range of audience and marketed their products globally. With is they have also provided different designers to exhibit their creations to the huge audience located all around the world.

The Vision of Triveni is to have a world where grace, dignity and identity are expressed through the vibrancy of ethnic apparel and this is what exactly they  focuses on in all the various programs they orchestrate with people all around the Globe.

You can read more about the Triveni Ethnic  here.

Now let me share with you few moments captured by me in the Ethnic wear event and the draping workshop..
Mr. Arvind Saraf demonstrating what Triveni is all about. The Vision and Mission of Triveni.

The graceful lady Ms. Dolly Jain took the stage and the draping session began.

She showed us how to wear the 7Kg wedding sarees all with ease... I love the way she did this draping.

All the saree enthusiast had a great time while she was clearing everyone's doubt about saree draping techniques :)
Triveni surprised us with beautiful collection of sarees to choose from :)

My Pick From Triveni!!
Another draping style requested by Soumita...
And finally the Pose with our picks :)

Thank you Triveni for the lovely gifts...

Some tips which Ms. Dolly Jain shared with us are:

  • Always to put a button or pearls in the double lock pin we use to pin the saree up. This will prevent the saree to get tangled inside the hoop of the pin.
  • Never to cut the shoulder of the blouse small. That is the main support for the pleats and will let the pleats to stay in place. Instead we can go for deep neck cuts or back cut.
  •  If you are having a net or any delicate blouse then always use a band-aid while pinning up the pleat. this will prevent the blouse from any damage. also the pleats will be firm and will stay in place.
  • While wearing a heavy saree always divide the load all though out the body so that it wont weigh you down or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Before wearing a new bengal cotton saree sprinkle some water on it and crush it and then iron if required. This will make the extra starch to come out and hence the saree will define the body and will not make you look like a baloon.
  • Always leave your pleats open if you have heavy bottom. This will make you look slimmer and will cover the problem areas.
There are lots of other tips which she demonstrated while wearing a saree. I thank Triveni so taking up such an initiative to demonstrate the most elegant ethnic attire to all the Saree enthusiast of Kolkata .

Overall it was a lovely evening which was very well spent with Triveni ,Ms Dolly and all the fellow bloggers of Kolkata.


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