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Flash:A Feminine Fragrance By Jimmy Choo---Review!!!

When it comes to Jimmy Choo, the only thing that pops up in our mind is their exotic collection of designer shoes. But they too have their line of fragrance and Flash being one of them made me choose it instantly out of impulse.

And here is what I think about the perfume.

Flash by Jimmy have fruity with a dash of spice and floral notes in it. It is a bit aquatic too but the aquatic note fades out soon after applying leaving behind a sweet tangerine note.

The top note comprises of Strawberry, Pink Pepper and Tangerine.

The heart notes are of  Tuberose, lily and Jasmine.

While the base note leaves you with blonde woods and heliotropes.

The perfume although marketed as a party wear rather for the night-out is actually a perfume for the day. 

The fragrance is not very classy and will not give you an impression of a high-end branded perfume yet it is not that mundane. It is indeed a girly perfume and goes well with the fun night out attires. 

The curious blend of the floral, fruity and spicy notes imparts a mysterious fragrance  and when it come to the longevity I am absolutely impressed by it. 

The fragrance settles down into a woody , bubble-gummy base and that note last for more than 8 hours. 

When I first tried the fragrance in the store I was not really swayed by the aroma. But gradually it got into me. It is in fact intoxicating and the superb staying power which lasted for the next day too on my wrist made me purchase this perfume the very next day of trying it.

Also the box in which the perfume is packed is kind of flashy and the perfume bottle looks like a disco ball with pale purple coloured poison inside.

Flash comes in a bottle of 60 ml and 100 ml which will cost around Rs.5315 and Rs.6678 respectively.

Overall impression: 
I am impressed but will not repurchase this once more cause there are many more to explore.

I will rate it as 3.5 out of 5.

Have you every tried this out!!? Let me know if you did.. cause i would love to hear it from you..


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