Crab Coriander Soup--Recipe

I am on a spree of cooking light recently and hence thought of experimenting with crabs...Sea food coriander soup which i had several times are a treat and go well with richly cooked mains, but making a soup with just crab is a first-timer.
Crab Coriander Soup

Crab coriander soup it is. A very light soup which contains no oil or butter and gives a soothing feeling on a hot summer days when we are not in a mood to devour on something heavy. 

Here is how I made:

Cooking time:30 mins.
Serves:4 person

What you will need:

Shredded Crabs Marinaded with Dried Parsley Leaves and Salt.
1. Crabs(Shreded). I have used frozen crab sticks and then separated the crab flesh which came out like noodle strings.

2.Dried Parsley Leaves.


4.Chicken or Vegetable Stock.

5.Lemon-2 full size.

6.Coriander Leaves(Freshly Chopped)

7.Salt and Sugar for taste.

To prepare the Stock:

I took one chicken breast and 1 litre of water Carrot, Beans and bay leaves in a pressure cooker and cooked it until all the ingredients almost melted.

I extracted the stock and the residue is kept for making sandwiches :)

Making of the Soup:

The crab was mixed with salt and parsley leaves and was left coved for an hour and hence the parsley flavour got infused into the crab flesh.

Now I took the stock in a pot and had put it on medium flame.

Slowly poured the egg in it while stirring the soup ardently so that it doesn't form crumbs. 

Now I added the crab meats and put it on high flames and then added the lemon juice to it.

I waited for the crabs to soften and checked on the salt. 

The soup is ready and then i put it out of the flame and added the coriander leaves in it and covered the pot with a lid. 

I waited for 30 mins before serving it to my family!!!


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