DROPS OF YOUTH WONDERBLUR From The Body Shop--Review!!

Blurs are the last step of any skincare routine. Blurs should be applied after moisturising your skin to make your skin smoother and to hide pores and fine lines!!!

Wonderlblur from The Body Shop is one such product which is designed to perfect your skin and since it is infused with Babassu  Oil, it can be incorporated in our daily skincare regime after CTM.

Wonderblur From The Body Shop


This product claims to smoothes skin texture instantly and I agree to that. It claims to evens out the fine lines and minimizes open pores giving you a flawless and matte finish to your skin.

What I feel about this Product?: 

I have many open pores on my face and these makes it difficult for applying make ups over it. I knew that primers can come to help in these situations but I wasn't really happy with the idea of loading my skin with loads of chemicals.

Before I got introduced to this wonderblur I fixed my mind on getting a blur from the Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfecter which is still there in my wishlist. But finally the when I swatched this product the air of confusion vanished and now I am really happy with this.

This is required in a very little quantity. When you squeeze it out of the tube it comes out as a white solid dollop of semi solid product.

But don't get scared with its appearance as it will glide smoothly on your skin.

I think its the babassu oil which makes the blur to appear like this. Babassu is a vegetable oil which is almost similar to coconut oil and are used as emollients.

 This Blur does exactly what it claims and gives you a smooth face which is ready for make-up. And unlike primers it doesn't clog pores.
I apply this product to minimize the appearance of my pores and also to mattify the skin. This don't makes your skin heavy and you are good to go for the entire day with a flawless skin.

When i applied it below make-ups, my make-up didn't glide off and stayed fresh for a longer time.
It is also safe for eye areas and hence can be used as an eye-shadow base.

Wonderblur Ingredients

What I dislike about this product?
This is a silicon based product and also contains other chemicals which I would like to avoid on a daily basis.
It does not have any colour hence no skin tone correcting effect can be obtained out of it.

Overall: 4.5/5

I like wearing it blur from Body Shop for it makes my skin matte for a long time and its is very comfortable for a all day use.
This can be a perfect escort for people having skin with open pores and fine lines. 

Price: Rs. 1995 for 30 ml.

Although the price is on the steeper side but if you are looking for some primer to make your skin even then it definitely worth a try !!!


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