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Exfoliate with Deep Micro Exfoliating Scalp Treatment from Kiehl's!!!!

Keep it clean!! That's the word i can think of when i discovered this wonder product from Kiehl's.

Its called the Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment... I don't really know why i cannot find any review about this product but this is one such product which made a remarkable difference to my scalp health. 

How it works? : This product contains fine granules of micronized  Apricot Seeds and Argan Shells which helps in exfoliating the scalp and loosen flakes. It gives you a clean feeling and makes your hair ready for shampooing. It also contain Vitreoscilla Ferments which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals, this maintain a healthy balance of the scalp and makes hair soft(although it dosen't claim this, but i have seen the effect after using the product).

How i use it? :  I take a small quantity of it and massage it on my entire moist scalp. I leave it for 10-15 mins and wash it off. After this i follow my normal hair wash routine i.e shampooing and conditioning.

How my scalp feel? : Everyday i need to travel a huge distance to reach my office.
 I had suffered a lot with my hair fall and scalp problems which happened  due to pollution and sun. But after i came across this product ,thanks to my friend Niru for recommending this to me, all my problems vanished like a magic. My scalp health have definitely improved and also i feel my hair have become softer than before.

Full Ingredient list:
Aqua/water, pheoxyethanol, carbomer, argania spinosa shell power, prunus armeniaca seed powder/apricot seed powder, menthol, vitreoscilla ferment, sodium hydroxide, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil/rosemary leaf oil, thymus mastichina flower oil, linalool.

Packaging and does it worth the price? : It comes in a plastic tube package with a flip cap which makes it travel friendly and also makes it spill proof.
100ml for Rs.1900 is a bit exorbitant for a hair scrub. But since it is very effective and does what it claims to do i feel it worth every penny.

This product is available @ Kiehl's Store in the Quest Mall, Kolkata.

I will certainly repurchase this product...


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