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The Weekend Skincare Haul!!!!

I have recently finished up my moisturiser from Kiehl's and hence thought of getting another form the same brand.... But I was little confused between getting Kiehl's Blue herbal Moisturiser and The Body Shop's Tea Tree skin clearing lotion.
I went for the latter, and this got converted in to a skincare haul!!!

Body Shop was giving 20% discount on the purchase of two shower gels or creams. How could i resist that!!? ;-)

Hence i picked up these products along with some other products from Forest Essential:

From #TheBodyShop :

Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion: This has got a fragrance to die for!!! It lingers all over the body when you use it after shower on damp skin. 250ml fro Rs.695

Shea Shower Cream: I will keep this for the winter. 250 ml for Rs.425 but I paid just Rs. 340.

Honeymania Shower Gel : For 250ml I paid Rs.340 as I got 20% off on these two shower products,

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: Which I wanted to try since I am using the toner ,tea tree oil and the tea tree mask therefore I got hold of this lotion to experience the entire range. 50ml for Rs.995.

From #ForestEssential

 Delicate Facial Cleanser Kashmiri Saffron & Neem: I am in love with mild facial cleansers now a days and so I picked this up. It is very gentle and infused with Neem which is known for its antibacterial  properties. It is 100% paraben free and contains no SLS, mineral oil and petroleum in it. 50 ml for Rs.275.

Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower Oil Mashobra Honey & Vanilla : The SA recommended this to me when i told him about my dry skin. I liked the mild aroma of  Mashobra Honey and vanilla in it. 50 ml for Rs. 475

I am impressed with the Forest Essential style of packing the products. They have put aromatic marigold petals in the paper with  which they have wrapped the products.

I am planning to visit the store again to pick up the oil based make-up remover!!!

Love ,

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