French Fries and A Twist!!!

French Fries rather aloo bhaja reminds me of my school days when I used to munch on them with gusto every Saturday afternoon after returning early from school. My grandma used to make them for me and it was the tastiest of all I had until now :)

Today it was another lazy afternoon for I have bunked my office and hence I thought of making some mouth watering French fries BUT adding a little twist to  it the dish became a delight !!! 

For making the potatoes  crispy I usually dip it in a cold water after peeling and then cutting it into medium pieces I fry them in adequate quantities of oil.. I put little salt and turmeric in the oil while frying the potatoes....You can even mix them with the potatoes after dicing them.

NoW for the TwisT!!

 I added some garlic cloves , dried parsley leaves and sweet chilli sauce..

Its ready now... 

Time to serve it with a smile :)

When was the last time you twisted a food??

Do let me know!!!

Love ,


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