Its Not Just A Ginger!!!!

One of the most important spice that we can find in our Indian kitchen is Ginger... But it is not just a taste enhancer but also enhances your beauty!!

We will see it how by this simple DIY routine for a beautiful hair!!!

  • You need to take half a ginger and then make a paste out of it.
  • Then take a muslin cloth or a cloth strainer and extract the ginger juice from the paste freshly made.
  • Add olive oil or coconut oil to it and apply it on your hair!!!

You can leave it over night or just for hour and wash it off with mild shampoo to see the difference.

Wondering what magic ginger will do!!! 
Ginger is indeed a wonder beauty product..Ginger roots are rich source of Magnesium ,Manganese Potassium and Vitamins which help to make hair strong and healthy. 

You can treat various problems like Dandruff, Hair fall, Thinning of hair and Dry hair & Scalp issues.

Ginger contains blood circulatory agents and when applied on the scalp it helps in blood circulation and hence the hair follicles grow thus by promoting hair growth. 

It is an excellent remedy for dandruff and you can get rid of dandruff for ever by applying ginger root juice with olive oil.

The astonishments of gingers are even mentioned in the Ayurvedas since time infinite it is used in making of various medicines and beauty products. 

But make sure to use the ginger roots which are fresh as these will provide for the important nutrients your hair will need for growth and health.

So just mix two table spoon of ginger juice with 2 table spoon of olive oil and apply on your hair.
Ginger Root Juice

Olive Oil

It is pointless to spend a lot of money on hair products that claims to make your hair strong and free from dandruff when you have such an easy ingredient in your kitchen.

I bet its worth giving a try:)


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