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Baked Rasgulla : Yet Another Recipe For The Dessert Lovers!!!

This post is dedicated to Ms. P who compelled me to blog about it!!!

Hope this recipe will gratify her for she is going to try making this dessert tomorrow :)

Baked Rasgulla is one of my dad's favourite and I like making it for him as it is very easy and could be prepared in a jiffy.

Preparation time:15 Mins.
Cooking Time:15 Mins.

You will be needing:

1. Rasgulla(20 Pieces), make sure you drain out all the sugar syrup(Ras) out of all the rasgullas.
2. Khoya Kheer-200 gms.
3. Milk Maid -400 gms(Tin)
4. Saffron Starnds-(For Colour)
5. Milk-200ml
6. Dry Fruits(Cashew, Pistachio, Almond and Raisins)-to your heart's content :P
7.Cardamom -3 to 4 cloves(Roasted and Crushed), You can skip this if you are not looking for some added aroma to the dessert. 

Starting with the rasgullas, what I usually do is to drain out all the sugary syrup out of it.

Then soak the saffron strands in warm milk so that it effuses the colour.

Here after I Soak the dry fruits in warm water to soften it and then crush it in the nut cutter.

Melt the Khoya kheer in the Microwave to soften it.
It becomes easy to mix the molten khoya with the milkmaid while preparing the gravy.

Now it is the time to mix all the ingredients together except the Rasgulla.

I take a large mixing bowl and mix the Khoya kheer, Milkmaid, Crushed nuts, Saffron with the milk and Crushed cardamom. 

Once the mixing is done the gravy is ready. Now I pour it over the rasgullas which are already set in the baking tray.

Before Baking.
Its Baking Time Now!!!!

Preheat the microwave at 180° F. 
If you are using and OTG you need the mode to Bake mode and then preheat the oven for 8-10 mins at 180 degree F.
After the preheating is done, put the baking tray along with the rasgullas inside.

Make sure you wear a gloves since it is going to be very hot inside the oven!!

For Microwave baking, I use the convection mode and bake it at 180 degree for 10-12 mins.

But incase you are using OTG you can bake it at 180 degree F for 10 mins first and check. If the dessert need further baking then again bake for another 2 mins.

And here it goes Ms. P ..... 

Your Baked Rasgulla....

Freshly Baked... Just Out from the Oven!!!
If you love garnishing then you can do it with the pistachios which should be finely chopped!!!

Let me know if you like it :)

Bon Appétit!!!!


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