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8th March....

"No I do not want to be equal to men", said the lady friend.

And I agreed.

When everyone is talking about Feminism and on having equal rights and opportunities, I do not feel that I am equal to man rather I feel superior and so I am not a feminist. 
We make our way through all possible hurdles. Our life starts with a struggle and ends too.
And we fight hard, win it all and embrace them all.
From managing a ticket in a crowded movie hall to not getting fined for taking a one-way road. yes, we the women know how to wear a smile on our face and innocence in our eyes to sneak through them.
That's how we drive the men mad at us for they get caught, punished and their plea get unheard most of the time.
We have those super qualities of multitasking which our men cannot. Even on genetic level men have two chromosomes and with their X and Y together they fumble and wonder what to do until a woman guide them through :D
We are vulnerable yet we are strong and so we can adapt our self and our body and hormones to various levels. We suffer from heartbreaks but we do not die of heart attacks very often unlike men.
 We dwells in contrary. We wear those painful stilettos still, we quote Marilyn Monroe where she says"I don't know who invented high heels, but all Women owe him a lot".
Hence I say that this world would fall short of words to define a Woman.

They are here to concur hearts, give their womb to new life, fight like a warrior, make peace, spread love and to make this world a better place to live.

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