Mountain Love...

They ask me why I go to the mountains?What is the point hiking when you can have a comfortable life!?

I tell them its my mountain love...
No other love can be as pure as this one.The point of no sorrow , only sheer joy is what you get loving the mountains.

We all work and have fun, eat and sleep but do we really live?

Life is simple and it is meant for living. I live it when i am close to the mountains for there it is simple and no complexities can touch our core.

If the mountains loves you back he allows you to stay, give you company and ask you to come back again and again.

If he doesn't like you he will simply tell you to go back.

He will never play games with you or break you from within.

Mountains uplift my spirit and answers all my questions...

When I asked him once that don't you feel lonely sometime?

Mountain said to me to look inside and he smiled.
He knew he was not alone... I have him inside!




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