Face Beneath..

Oh! what dismal it seems ,
Maybe I am still in a dream!

For I see eyes with lost vision,
They meander and cannot afford to be complacent.
What chases them through time and space?

Wandering amidst the maze, seems I am lost..
And what i found rather is what i thought!

The clay mask fell apart revealing the face within.
The wretched haze covered the way,
Raucous youth all around..
They are all searching for answer  and dawdle..
The path will take them down to the abyss!

For they seek them all outside and not within..

Faces all round got wrapped in veil again,
Duality in existence stand gloriously in the mile long chasm!
Face full of deception welcomed us all!!

I know its a very long night..
And no one to wake me up from the dream.

Faces beneath the mask only reveals on waking up!!


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