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And The Road Said..

Morning broke with a news of parting,
It was never easy to let the love set forth.
Restraining was never an option..
Holding upon letting go!!

Its gonna be a long road,
Before we meet again.
I asked him "What if you get lost?"
He didn't say a thing!

Road said to me "Come along..You need to find a way"
It said there is a new route at the end, not far-away.
You will find him there once you reach...

Surmounting all my fears I took the road
And then at the bent,
I found me.


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I must be gone....

There I saw you standing, At the corner of the Drowning street... The distance was huge between us Coldness all over our face. The greys in your hair told me.. Its been a long time now!
I saw you today. Our eyes met for a while. And then the fog grew dense  You strayed elsewhere...
The unspoken was heard in the bristling wind.... Echoes of the distant time came back..
The coldness grew dense and  I walked away. Traveled the unmeasured distance.
love, A

By the sea shore....

The depth of the sea The crashing waves The ebb and the flow The wildness of the breeze The melody of the sea The moonlit night The beam of light On the water.. The reflection of your soul The deep of your mind The voices inside The spark in your eyes The memories behind The sound that says.. Life is not constant!!
Love , A